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Vision Statement: “The vision of Magnolia Middle School is to have a learner-centered
culture where students and teacher collaborate, create, share, write, talk through
the thinking process, and ask higher order questions.”

Magnolia's Core Beliefs:

  • We value the partnership which exists between school, parents, and
  • community and the role it plays in realizing our vision.
  • Learning should be a collaborative effort.
  • Action is an essential element in all learning.
  • Education should focus on how to develop each student into a prominent member
  • of society.


Dr. David Maxwell

Mrs.Patricia Coleman
Assistant Principal

4630 Magnolia Street
Moss Point, MS 39563
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School Start Time: 7:45
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Magnolia Middle School visits the Global Wildlife Center

Written by Nani Jones. Posted in Magnolia Middle School

How long is a giraffe’s tongue and how do certain animals survive in the wild?  These were some of the questions the 6th-8th grade students of MMS had for the tour guides at the Global Wildlife Center.  The Science Department at MMS instructed their students to conduct research on endangered species while including the Common Core Standards of Life Science and Literacy.  The objective of the various activities the students did in the classroom was to describe and predict the animal interactions as it effects the human population growth.  MMS students also researched and assessed how a species’ chances for survival are influenced by adaptations to its environment.    

During the tour the students were taught the value of wildlife conservation and education through experience.  The effectiveness of touch as a teaching tool is evident every day at Global Wildlife Center.  The students were able to wiggle a camel's hump, rub the giraffe's eighteen inch tongue, and feel the wooly fur of bison.  In addition to the wildlife tour, students viewed an informative video and gather additional information about the endangered species. 

The staff of MMS would like to thank the various supporters such as the Magnolia Alumni Association, Target, and fund raiser participates for understanding the need for our students to broaden their interests into a different career choice.  Also, a special thanks to Ms. Calvin for organizing and writing the grants for this project!