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    Schools of Moss PointEducation affects every aspect of our community, which is why it is so important that we all understand that this is a joint effort, and we all must take part in the education of our children.

    We encourage any person, group, or business to volunteer their time and energies to the education of our community. Your thoughts or concerns are important to us, and we want you to know that our door is always open.


    Maggie Griffin, Ph.D

    Moss Point
    High School

    Junior High

    MP Escatawpa
    Upper Elementary

    MP East Park
    Lower Elementary

    mumford payton2 tolbert2 kayL2
    4913 Weems St.
    Moss Point, MS 39563
    Voice: (228) 475-5721
    Fax: (228) 474-3305

    6601 Orange Grove Rd.
    Moss Point, MS 39563
    Voice: (228) 475-1429
    Fax: (228) 475-2684
    4208 Jamestown Rd.
    Moss Point, MS 39563
    Voice: (228) 474-3300
    Fax: (228) 474-3396
    4025 McCall St.
    Moss Point, MS 39563
    Voice: (228) 475-9866
    FAx: (228) 474-3364
    MP Kreole
    MP Kreole
    MP Alternative
    Learning Center
    coleman2 pettaway2 paytonL2

    6312 Martin Luther King Blvd.
    Moss Point, MS 39563
    Voice: (228) 475-3719
    Fax: (228) 474-3312

    6312 Martin Luther King Blvd.
    Moss Point, MS 39563
    Voice: (228) 475-3719
    Fax: (228) 474-3312

    3524 Prentiss Avenue
    Moss Point, MS 39563
    Voice: (228) 475-3543
    Fax: (228) 474-3395

  • Departments (0)
    Moss Point School District Central Office
    4924 Church Street
    Moss Point, MS 39563

    The Moss Point Central Office is located in the heart of Moss Point. The Carl Ely building was at one time used as a Moss Point High School annex building. Converted to the Central Office in 1973, it now houses the various deparments that make up the Central Office.

    Each department of the Central Office plays an important role in the education of our students.


    Office of the Superintendent
    Maggie Griffin, Ed.D Superintendent
    (228) 475-0691

    Office of Campus Police
    (228) 474-3394
    Office of Transportation/Maintenance
    (228) 475-7156
    Office of Athletics
    P.O. Box 8509
    Moss Point, MS 39562
    (228) 475-4405
    Office of Finance
    Voice: (228) 474-2269
    Fax: (228) 474-3302
    Office of Child Nutrition
    Voice: (228) 475-1832
    Fax: (228) 475-0155
    Office of Human Resources
    (228) 475-7770
    Office of Communications

    (228) 474-3399

    Office of Student Services
    (228) 475-0946
    Office of Curriculum
    (228) 474-1164
    Office of  Technology
    (228) 475-1233
    Office of Federal Programs
    (228) 474-3398
    Office of Career and Technical Education
    Voice: (228) 474-1455
    Fax: (228) 474-1458
    • Athletics (1)

      The Athletic Department at Moss Point is responsible for verifying all eligibility procedures for the athletes in our school district. The students who choose to participate in the athletic program are encouraged to maintain high academic standards. Moss Point offers a total of 11 sports and 3 cheerleading squads for the secondary program in our district.

      P.O. Box 8509
      Moss Point, MS 39562
      Voice: (228) 475-4405

      baseball basketball  football soccer softball tennis track
      MPHS Baseball

      MMS Baseball

       MPHS Basketball

      MMS Basketball
       Football Soccer  MPHS Fast Pitch Tennis Track
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      Moss Point High School School Info

    • Child Nutrition (7)
      The Child Nutrition Department is responsible for feeding the children of the Moss Point School District. The department follows the USDA guidelines for proper nutrition. The department provides breakfast and lunch menus to all students.
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      Current Menus
      lunchTray Moss Point High School Menu
      Magnolia Middle School Menu
      Escatawpa Upper Elementary Menu
      Kreole Primary Menu


      Ms. Jessica McCovery

      4924 Church Street
      Moss Point, MS 39563
      Phone: (228) 475-1832
      Fax: (228) 475-0155


    • Communications (12)

      The purpose of the Moss Point School District’s Communication Department is to present a clear and concise framework for communicating with our school community. The plan primarily addresses two types of school district audiences: internal (students, teachers, staff, administration and Board of Trustees) and external (parents, businesses, civic groups, religious groups, and other members of the Moss Point School District community).

      • Clarify district flow of information
      • Provide ongoing training and support for administrators in effective communication with staff and the community
      • Provide regular information on district-wide concerns
      • Create a system to encourage the flow of information from parents/community to the district
      • Publish and distribute district information
      • Communicate with civic, community and religious groups
      • Be visible in the community
      • Promote the successes of Moss Point School District
      • Keep Communications Simple
      • Create Information Sheets
      • Communicate Early and Often
      • Communicate Face-to-Face
      • Keep Communications Brief and to the Point
      • Emphasize Customer Service
      • Train Staff
      • Develop Relationships with our Community
      • Study the Media
      • Prepare our Messages

      Mrs. Stephanie Packer

      4924 Church Street
      Moss Point, MS 39563
      Phone: (228) 474-3399

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      • District Articles (82)

        District Articles     These are all of the District articles for the current year.


    • Curriculum (11)
      Welcome to the main page for the office of Curriculum and Instruction for the Moss Point School District. The primary function of the office of Curriculum is to facilitate all curriculum activities of the entire school district.    4924 Church Street
      Moss Point, MS 39563
      Phone: (228) 474-3398
      Fax: (228) 474-4983
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      Etta Byrd                                                            Rachel Mercer                                       Dr. Sonja Robertson
      Elementary Curriculum                       Instructional Technology                         Secondary Curriculum
       3rd Grade Summative Assessment and Power Point  
       3rd Grade Summative Assessment Sample Items  
    • LIFT (1)

      Leaders & Intelligent Futuristic Thinkers

      liftDoveThe LIFT program has been a leader in the state in special instruction for exceptional learners for 25 years. This commitment to quality programming for gifted and talented learners continues the unwavering efforts of community and staff.

      The program is a living entity. It grows and changes with the interests, abilities and needs of the learner. The success of the LIFT program may be judged by its products, young adults who are leaders and intelligent futuristic thinkers.


      Moss Point’s LIFT Program is based on the belief that intellectually gifted students are exceptional individuals who need learning experiences beyond those typically offered in the general education program if they are to realize their full potential, both for personal fulfillment and for the subsequent benefit of society.

      No Student, including one who is gifted, should be denied the right to an education that is specifically designed to aid him/her in the development of his/her maximum potential.


      Our mission is to help students reach the goal of metacognition by providing learning experiences through self-motivated discovery of new ideas and solutions, and to instill in each student an intense love of learning that makes him or her a lifelong learner.

      Boone Collins Jones Winters
      Sonja Boone Kimberly Collins Nani Jones Veronica Winters


      • Acquire research methods and skills
      • Communicate effectively on meaningful social issues
      • Develop divergent thinking skills to include fluent, flexible, original , and elaborate thinking
      • Identify internal feelings and develop realistic concept of self: strengths, weaknesses and potential
      • Acquire the necessary skills and attitudes for participation in creative and futuristic problem solving
      • Develop logical and critical thinking skills
      • Develop higher order cognitive processes to include application, analysis, syntheses, and evaluation.
      • Acquire knowledge about and experiences in realistic career and educational opportunities
      • Develop decision-making skills and coping skills through futuristic studies
      • Learn through independent study, group discussions, inquiry, simulations, etc.
      • Take more responsibility for their learning through leadership and self-managed individualized instruction
      • Experience and value the diversity of cultures and individuals in society
      • Based upon information in the Individualized Management Plans, students will be provided differentiated instruction and activities
      • Affective activities and counseling services will be provided through group and individual sessions
      • Needs of at-risk students will be addressed through collaboration with teachers and parents

      Student Referral Process

      A student may be referred by a teacher, counselor, administrator, parent, peer, self, or anyone else having reason to believe that the student may be intellectually gifted. A completed referral packet must be submitted to the Local Survey Team for review. Criteria for testing must be met and parental permission for testing must be granted, before a student can be assessed for placement into the LIFT program. The Local Survey Committee determines whether a student meets the criteria for testing. After a student has been tested by a licensed examiner, a letter from the district office is sent to parents to inform them of an eligible or ineligible ruling. If a student is eligible for placement into the program, a conference is held with the LIFT teacher and the parent. Written parental permission must be obtained before a child can be placed in the program. Procedures outlined in the programming policy must be followed in order to remove a student from the gifted program.

      District-Wide Screening Procedures

      Each year a district-wide screening of all first grade students (and any other students recommended because of a display of gifted characteristics) is conducted. The district-wide testing instrument that is currently being used is the Ravens. Students that score 85% or above on the Ravens screening must have a referral packet completed, in order for the identification process to continue. Participation in the Gifted Program is an entitlement under State Law (Mississippi Gifted Education Act of 1989, Mississippi Code Sections 37-23-181). Once a student is determined eligible in the State of Mississippi, no re-evaluation testing is required to remain in the program. An eligible determination is accepted by all school districts within the State of Mississippi. However, a student moving to Mississippi with a gifted eligibility from another state must satisfy the criteria established in Mississippi.

    • Federal Programs (19)

      The Moss Point School District receives federal funds to support and enhance the educational programs of the district. These federal dollars assist the district in supporting efforts such as effective programming, professional development, parent/community involvement, and the provision of a safe, orderly climate conductive to our teachers teaching and our students learning.


      robertsonDr. Sonja Robertson

      4924 Church Street
      Moss Point, MS 39563
      Phone: (228) 474-3398
      Fax: (228) 474-4983

    • Finance (2)

      Mr. Jerry Pittman
      Chief Financial Officer

      4924 Church Street
      Moss Point, MS  39563
      Phone: (228) 474-2269
      Fax: (228) 474-3302

      Welcome to the Moss Point School District’s Finance web page.  Our department is responsible for all business transactions in the district, always complying with the Mississippi code of laws.  Within those guidelines, our focus is to see to the needs of the administration, faculty, and staff.

    • Human Resources (4)
      Mrs. Cynthia Black

      4924 Church Street
      Moss Point, MS 39563
      Phone: (228) 475-7770
      Fax: (228) 474-4964


      logo ets


      Welcome to the Moss Point School District’s Department of Human Resources. Our Department handles staffing for the various schools and departments. Staffing includes recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining employees through various support mechanisms. It is our goal to recruit and hire the best and most highly qualified teachers for our children and the best staff to support our schools and departments.

       salary scales
      mpsd workdays 2014
       educatorRenewal educatorUpgrade

      Scholarships and Loan Forgiveness

    • Special Education (1)
      Ms. Melissa Wilson


      4924 Church Street
      Moss Point, MS  39563
      Phone: (228) 475-0946

      The goal of the SPED Department is focused on individual student needs, varied placements, intervention/remediation, multiple accommodations, learning styles, collaboration/coordination of community agencies, and community oriented experiences.

       seas           Executive Summary                SPP/APR District Performance Report

    • Technology (2)

      Welcome to the Moss Point School District’s Technology Department. The Technology department handles all the computer-based equipment and software to support the day-to-day functions at each school. This support includes hardware, software, and professional development. The Technology Department also provides guidance and support in the on-going development and integration of new technologies into the classroom with the ultimate goal of providing students with 21st Century work skills.



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      gloverMr. James Glover

      3524 Prentiss Avenue
      Moss Point, MS 39563 
      Phone: (228) 475-1233
      Fax: (228) 474-3310


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      Spotlight Articles     These are all of the Spotlight articles for the current year.


  • Leadership (1)

    Leadership     All members of the Moss Point family are commited to the education and development of children. During a strategic planning meeting on January 27th, 2005, the administrative team of Moss Point adopted a new mission statement and belief statements. These beliefs represent what the faculty and employees truly believe.

    The Mission of the Moss Point School District is to provide a quality education to ensure student achievement and success, and prepare students as caring, productive citizens in a diverse and rapidly changing environment.


    We Believe That…

    • students are entitled to a safe and healthy learning environment.
    • students can and will learn.
    • students deserve highly effective and compassionate educators.
    • higher expectations get higher results.
    • everyone has worth and is to be shown respect.
    • students thrive when communities and school districts are mutually supportive.
    • community and family involvement is essential for student success.
    • all students should be challenged to reach their full potential.
    • all students should be challenged to be positive problem solvers and sound decision makers.
    • school environments must be student centered.
    • effective communication among all stakeholders is essential.
    • all students should be caring and productive citizens.
    • we are responsible for preparing students for entering the work force and/or higher education.
    • all students will have high levels of technological skills.
    • character counts.
    • all resources should be used effectively.
    • regular attendance is crucial for students to reach their full potential.
    • awareness of cultural diversity increases understanding and acceptance.
    • all students have the ability to make significant contributions to others.
    • student responsibility for learning and behavior is fundamental to success.
    • parents are our partners in student learning and behavior.
    • all students will embrace a rigorous and relevant course of study starting with Kindergarten.
    • people should work together in a spirit of goodwill.
    • student success must be recognized and celebrated.
    • School Board (6)
       Magee_vsm knight2014Small  haynes Presley2014Large.jpg  shepherd2014Small 
       Clifton Magee
       Billy E. Knight, Sr.
      Vice President
       Angela Haynes
      Jennifer Presley
      Board Member
       Jerold Shepherd
      Board Member

      The Moss Point School Board's Role and Responsibility

      Mr. Henry P. Pate - Board Attorney
      Henry P. Pate
      Board Attorney

      The constitution of the State of Mississippi requires the legislature to provide a system of free schools wherein all children of the state can receive an education. Accordingly, education is a state function and each school district is a political subdivision of the state.

      The Moss Point School District Board of Education recognizes the importance of quality public education to the community and its people. The board holds sacred its responsibilities to act in good faith as the public trustees of the school district. The board recognizes its accountability to the community for providing quality educational programs for all children and using wisely its human and financial resources. Likewise, the board believes it is responsible for vigorously supporting and adequately funding all services, programs, and operations within reasonable fiscal constraints. The Board, through its actions and delegation of authority, governs the school district as a policy-making board in compliance with accreditation standards of the State and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. 

      To view the upcoming meetings and board agendas, click here
      Dixie McCormack
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